I bought a RunScribe Pro 2 pack. Can I share with a friend?

Within your RunScribe account, you can create different device profiles, so if you want to give one RunScribe to a friend, you can manage both devices through a single RunScribe account. 

We don't recommend sharing a single device among different people.  More meaningful data comes from running with RunScribe frequently, understanding your averages, analyzing changes and identifying patterns over time. Sharing your RunScribe will influence your long-term metrics.

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    Bruce Williams

    What if I plan to use the two device science pack on different patients to gather data? Is there a setup for us to give them separate profiles so we can examine their data? Also, I'm not understanding how to look at left right data together and comparatively with the dashboard? Is this available yet?

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    Cristian Macarascu

    Hi! I believe you should consider using a combination of deviceID and profile assigned to a run in order to attribute data to a certain person. Could this work?

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