Step by Step Instructions

You've got your RunScribe, now let's set it up!  

1.) Charge the RunScribe footpods in the dual charger - the indicator light on the charger will turn green when fully charged.

2.) Download the RunScribe app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

3.) Launch the RunScribe account and create an account

4.) Log into your account - the app will lead you through the set up process, just make sure your footpods are near your phone!

5.) Follow the app instructions to set up your RunScribe.  The app will set up one footpod at a time, and as you to confirm

  • Where you want to mount RunScribe (heel or laces)
  • What LED color you want to assign to each footpod

Note: Different LED colors for each footpod allow you to easily distinguish between Right & Left RunScribes. Be sure to remember your color choices. If you forget, you can always check the RunScribe app.

6.) After the set up process is complete, and your RunScribe is updated with the latest firmware, it's time to go for a run

7.) Install RunScribe on your shoe, using the heel clips provided or the laces cradle.  Three important things to remember:

  • Tab Up! - make sure RunScribe cradles are always oriented with the Tab facing up.
  • Make sure RunScribe snaps into place, to make sure it is securely locked into its cradle.
  • Be sure to check and make sure the Right and Left pods are on the correct foot.

8.) After your run, sync both RunScribe pods by connecting them to the RunScribe app.

9.) Access the full set of RunScribe metrics by logging into your account at


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