RunScribe not recording runs

There are a few circumstances where runs may not be recorded:

Low Battery: Insufficient battery will result in no run being recorded, or a run to stop recording.  To check your Battery status before you run, connect your RunScribe to the RunScribe app. Make sure you are running the latest version of the app and firmware.

Out of Storage: RunScribe stores multiple run files. If a user has not synced RunScribe to the app and RunScribe hits its storage capacity, the cannot store additional files. Users should regularly sync RunScribe to the app in order to ensure their device does not run out of storage.

Loose Battery: In a small number of cases, defective battery doors result in insufficient voltage for RunScribe operation. To check for this issue, put a battery inside the battery door and turn it over. If the RunScribe falls out, contact RunScribe and we will send a replacement battery door.

Step Rate: In order to detect the start of a run, your stride rate must be over 140 steps per minute (70 strides per minute). This threshold must be met to begin recording.

If you continue to have issues with run recording, contact RunScribe customer support.

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